Design chucks

DESIGN-POWER CHUCKS developed through a technical tie-up (in 1969) between N.A.Woodworth (FORKARDT / now) in US and TEIKOKU CHUCK in JP. are designed to meet various kinds of individual user needs and are highly regarded as Japan's number one for the chucking range and track record.

TEIKOKU CHUCK is a company that produces Design-Chucks to hold various kinds of workpieces.

  • 揺動引込式 UBL ボールロックチャック 鋳鍛造素材加工に比類のない高性能を発揮する遥動式パワーチャックです

    揺動引込式 UBL ボールロックチャック 詳しくはこちら

  • 爪引込式 ピンアーバーチャック 従来の小内径用コレットチャックの耐久性と性能向上を目的とされた多種多様な爪引込式デザイン

    爪引込式 ピンアーバーチャック 詳しくはこちら

  • コレット式 AC トークロック コレットアーバー 過大な切削トルクでも接触面に スリップが生じない“トークロック機構”を備えたコレットチャックです

    コレット式 AC トークロック コレットアーバー 詳しくはこちら

  • ダイヤフラム式 ダイヤフラム&ギヤチャック 摩耗や研磨屑の侵入による精度への影響が生じにくいことから、精密仕上加工に重用されております

    ダイヤフラム式 ダイヤフラム&ギヤチャック 詳しくはこちら

  • コレット式 デザインコレットチャック ご提示頂いたワークの形状・精度・加工条件によって当社技術スタッフが選定するチャッキングデザイン

    コレット式 デザインコレットチャック 詳しくはこちら

  • ピン拡張式 マルチジョウチャック 凹凸のある薄肉素材でも通常の加工条件の下に高真円精度の仕上加工が実現

    ピン拡張式 マルチジョウチャック 詳しくはこちら

  • コンビネーションデザイン 複数機能を一台のチャックに備えたコンビネーションデザイン

    コンビネーションデザイン 詳しくはこちら

For Difficult-to-Clamp Workpieces

  • The shortest possible lead time from design to delivery.
  • Reasonable design and manufacturing cost.
  • Safe and high-precision chucking under our "Clamp & Pull back" concept.
  • Every part is carefully examined according to customer requirements and our technical expertise.
  • 100,000 kinds of chucking designs are available.
  • A top priority is assigned to solution of customer complains.
  • All customers' chuck design records are retained for the purpose of after-sale services.
  • Any chuck even for difficult-to-grip workpieces can be designed with our many-year know-how.
  • Our engineering staffs are ready to respond to various needs, such as process reduction and untended operations.


The N.A. Woodworth, we agreed with them as technical tie-up in 1969 which company well known as a pioneer of order-made chuck, they acquired by Illinois Tool Works Group in 1983 then change name to ITW-Woodworth. In 1995, SP Manufacturing and Sheffer Collet Company joins ITW-Woodworth and formed as ITW-Workholding. Moreover, Logan-sport Cylinders has joined the ITW-Workholding family in 1998. In 2004,ITW-Workholding has acquired the complete FORKARDT INTERNATINAL Group, then they unified all brand as FORKARDT for their business unit in 2012.

FORKARDT became a HARDINGE group/U.S.A. in 2013, but we have been keeping close relationship with FORKARDT as business partner. In this connection, we are confirming that strict observance of the confidentiality between FORKARDT and us by our agreement.

Our brand name "SOUL-Woodworth" for design chuck was changed to "SOUL-ITW WOODWORTH" after acquired N.A. Woodworth by FORKARDT but we back to use "SOUL-Woodworth" brand from this issue for memorial having obtained many technical privilege from N.A. Woodworth.